On the initiative of Lion Franco Ghio, 2003/2004 on President Lions Club “Lucca le Mura” the first International Congress of Lions Clubs coming from cities surrounded by old walls was held on 18/19 June 2004 at Lucca.

The clubs participating in the said Congress were:
1. LC Lucca Le Mura – Italy (Promotor and Founder)
2. LC Avignone, France – (Founding Member)
3. LC Club de Leones de Avila – Spain (Founding Member)
4. LC Carcassonne La cite – France (Founding Member)
5. LC Carcassonne Terre d’ Aude – France (Founding Member)
6. LC Mdina – Malta (Founding Member)
7. LC San Marino – Republic of San Marino (Founding Member)

It was unanimously agreed to constitute and establish the International Association of Lions Clubs coming from cities surrounded by ancient walls, nominating Comm. Franco Ghio as President giving him a mandate to prepare and formulate a definitive constitution which was approved by Clubs at the second International Congress held at Carcassonne on 11/12 June 2005.

The denomination was “INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF WALLED CITIES LIONS’ CLUBS”. In the meantime, other Lions and Leo Clubs joined the Association.

At the Congress held in Saint Malo, the Founder who had been at the helm for the first six years, characterized by the growth of the Association was unanimously elected as Honorary Life President. Lion Franco Ghio accepted this position.

Among the above members Lions Clubs and Leos Clubs. belonging to the Lions Club International, in accordance with the Code of Lionistic Ethics and in fulfillment of the purposes of Lionism, approve the following articles of which the preamble is an integral part of it.

ARTICLE 1: Denomination
The “International Foundation of Lions Clubs Walled Cities hereafter known as the “Foundation” or “FICML” of Lions Club that have their headquarters and operate in the city surrounded by ancient walls or equipped with remarkable historical complexes. The “Foundation” has the purpose of exclusively cultural and non-profit interest, and non-partisan and apolitical, and may use in its name and in any distinctive sign or communication addressed to the public, the phrase of “non-profit organization of cultural utility and social promotion”.

The web site is:

The Foundation will not participate in activities that may conflict with the programs, activities, or existence of the Lions Clubs International (LCIF) Foundation. The activity is unlimited in time.

ARTICLE 2: Headquarters
The Headquarters and Secretariat of “FICML” vary in rotation according to where the President in Charge resides.

ARTICLE 3: Scope
The scope of “FICML” is to bring to the foreground the sensibility and participation in the guardianship, promotion and assessment of the historic walled cities, villages and the fortified systems of the city and countries in which associated Lions Clubs are present. Moreover, to exclusively pursue finality of cultural solidarity and social promotion and not to hold any different activities to those indicated in the following Art. 4 with the exception of those with which it is directly involved.

Article 4: Activities
The Foundation pursues the scopes cited above through friendship and exchanges between the various clubs performing the following activities:

A. Of studies and proposals aimed at improving the economy of cities.The Deepening and Divulgation:
Knowledge of the city and countryside, landscape and territory to which the club refers.
Knowledge of the history of the walls, villages and fortifications of the city and the towns themselves.
Information on the way of life in cities, towns and villages surrounded by ancient walls.
information about the maintenance and state of conservation of the walls themselves and any promotions to be made, also in common to achieve good protection and evaluation.
information about all the logistical problems that the city walls entail in the current urban management.
Studies, analysis and comparison of problems and search for common solutions.
Of studies and proposals aimed at improving the economy of cities.

B. To encourage the push towards a Lionistic cultural tourism and not only, especially on the occasion of every Congress. The activities can be promoted and carried out by the individual member clubs or in association with each other, also seeking external collaborations with groups, individual experts or public or private institutions useful for the success of the same.

The activity of the FOUNDATION is presented and verified annually on the occasion of the International Congress during which the General Assembly of members is called, new ones are presented if present and the theme chosen for the Congress is discussed.

Article 5: Members
All Lions Clubs and Leo Clubs in good standing, can be members, without territorial or geographical limitations, which fall within the conditions set out in Article 1 and which are willing to promote and participate in the realization of the objectives through the activities provided for in Article 4 above.
Each participating Club (Lions and Leos) must designate its own member who will be the Referent of its Club until same is replaced by the Club to which he/she belongs. The referring member will maintain contact with the Presidency, the Vice Presidency, the Board of Directors and the other Clubs of the Foundation.

Members will be: (a) Founding Members, (b) Ordinary Members and (c) Amici delle Mura Members.

Founding Members are the Clubs that have participated in the constitution of the Foundation as indicated in the preamble of this statute.

The Clubs that gradually join the Foundation and that have a substantial heritage of walls, as well as villages and fortifications are considered Ordinary Members.

“Amici delle Mure” Members are the Clubs that are based and operating in cities formerly surrounded by walls, or with vestiges of Romanesque walls or even earlier eras, or in any case well-ascertained traces of the villages and fortifications of historical and monumental interest. All admitted Clubs will have (a) the right to participate in the Annual Congresses, (b) make their historical and cultural contribution and (c) the right to vote.

They will have the right to organize the annual Congress in their city in the event of unavailability or lack of candidacies for the organization of a Congress by the Founding or Ordinary members.

For economic reasons, organizational skills, promotion and enhancement of its historical heritage and territory, the Congress can also be organized by several Lions Clubs, assisted by their respective Leo Clubs.

Article 6: Membership
The Clubs and Leo Clubs of cities and countries that intend to join the Foundation, must send a written request to the President accompanied by a description of the characteristics of the walls, the village, the fortification, accompanied by photographs, bannerette front and back of the Club banner.

The application for membership and the documentation may be transmitted electronically. The President, after hearing the members of the Board of Directors competent for the territory, at his sole discretion, shall ensure and assigning a progressive registration number. The non-participation of a Club or a member in the activities of the Association or a subsequent revocation, does not cause any pressure or disadvantage within the Lions territorial organizations (Districts, Multiple Districts, Clubs etc.) that the application is accepted or not, establishing the category of Membership.

Article 7: Withdrawal
The condition of member is forfeited – by decision of the Board of Directors for: resignation, expulsion – as a result of contrary or recon current actions or for attitudes detrimental to the image or purpose of the Foundation. The condition of Membership also lapses due to termination of registration of the Club to Lions Clubs International.

In the event of a simple change in the name of the Lions Club or Leo Club member of the Foundation, this must be communicated to the President for updates of the preamble of this Statute, of the website and in any case in any part where the old denomination appears. In this case, the Club remains registered with the original number and without interruption of continuity.

In the event of a merger between already member Clubs, the Clubs must notify the President of the merger and naming of the Club derived from this. This merger involves a new registration but without interruption of continuity and the seniority starts with the elder of the oldest Club.

In the event of a merger between one or more Clubs already Members with another or other non-Member Lions Clubs, a new application for membership is carried out in accordance with the procedures provided for in Article 6 above.

As a result of the merger between participating and non-member clubs, the already participating Club(s) lose the status of Member(s) and there is an interruption in the continuity in the registration to the Association and the seniority of the new Club begins to run from the date of the new registration.

Article 8: Social Organs
The organs of the FICML are (a) The Assembly of Members, (b) The President, (c) The Vice President, (d) The Honorary President, (e) The Board of Directors and (f) The Secretary.

The corporate bodies referred to in this article shall remain in office for two years. For the election of the president and vice president we will proceed to the election of candidates alternately three belonging to Italian Clubs and one to Foreign Clubs and vice versa (unless there are the relative proposals for candidature). The Assembly may elect only one Honorary President, if the office is vacant, among those who have held the position of President of the Foundation, who have carried out an important activity in favor of the Foundation itself.

For the election of the directors, we will proceed to the election of candidates belonging to the 4 areas in which the territory is divided, namely: 1 for the foreign area to which all the non-Italian Clubs belong, 3 for the three Italian AREAS – one for the Upper Italy area, one for Central Italy and one for Southern Italy including the islands.

The corporate bodies referred to in this article, meet on the occasion of each Congress or, electronically, between one Congress and another in case of need and upon convocation of the President. All the positions within the Foundation are honorary.

Article 9: Members Meeting:
The Members’ Assembly meets at least once a year on the occasion of the International Congress at the Headquarters deliberated by the assembly in presence, in electronic form only for reasons of “force majeure”. Each member Club is entitled to only one vote. Proxy voting is not permitted.

The Assembly is constituted, with the right to vote:

(a) By the “Referent Member” reported in the official list of the Citta Murate Foundation. In case of absence of the contact person from the President of the Club itself. In case of the absence of the President by a delegate of the Club.
(b) By the President of the Foundation.
(c) By the Vice President of the Foundation.
(d) By the Honorary President of the Foundation.
(e) By the Counsellors of the Foundation.
(f) By the Secretary of the Foundation.

The abovementioned members of the Assembly all have a right to vote. In addition to the referents, the Presidents representing member clubs and Leo Club will be able to attend the Assembly.

The agenda of the Assembly will be established by the President and approved by the Board of Directors. The President communicates in writing, by e-mail, to the Referents, at least 10 days before, the place, the hour of the meeting of the first and second convocation and the Agenda of the Assembly. Ordinary deliberations are taken by open vote. Voting concerning persons is made by secret ballot. In this case, the President shall appoint three tellers in advance.

The Assembly elects upon expiry: (a) the President, (b) The Vice President, (c) The members of the Board of Directors.

The Assembly may elect only one Honorary President. If the office is vacant, among those who have held the position of President of the Foundation, who have carried out an important activity in favour of the Foundation itself. The qualification of Honorary President entails the privilege of qualification and participation, with voting rights, at the Assembly of the Members. The office of Honorary President lapses due to the written resignation of the Honorary President in office communicated to the President or for forfeiture voted by the assembly as a result of conduct inconsistent with ethics, Lionistic purposes and the actions referred to in Articles 3 and 4 of the Statute.

Decisions, with the exception of statutory decisions and for the election of Honorary Presidents, are taken by a majority of at least 30% of the Lions Clubs belonging to the “Foundation” are represented on first call. In second call, no less than half an hour after the first, whatever the number of Lions Club Members present.

The statutory changes and the election of the Honorary President to be approved by the assembly and on first call, must obtain a favorable vote of two-thirds (2/3) of the votes cast by the voting Delegates and that they represent at least thirty percent (30%) of the Lions Clubs Members.

In the second vote call, the statutory changes and the election of the Honorary President are approved with the favorable vote of two thirds (2/3) by the voters present at the meeting. The Statute and any amendments thereto shall enter into force at the time of their vote.

Article 10: Governing Council and Standing Advisory Committee

The Board of Directors, which meets at congresses or electronically whenever the President deems it appropriate, is composed of:

The President, the Honorary President, the Vice President, the four members of the Board of Directors (one for the Clubs of foreign countries and three for the Italian Clubs, one of which for the north, one for the center and one for southern Italy and the islands), of the Secretary appointed by the Board of Directors without the right to vote.

All members of the Board of Directors must be Lions members in good standing within their respective Clubs to be eligible to sit for elections.

Article 11: Duties and Responsibilities of the President and Vice President:

The President is elected within the Meeting of Member Clubs and is the legal representative of the Assembly in internal and external relations. He remains in office for only two years, which are not renewable. He takes office on 1 July of the year in which he is elected and ceases the presidency on 30 June two years following his election.

During his tenure, he assumes the Presidency of the Assembly, the Board of Directors and the Congresses and reports to the members on the progress of general activities and individual projects and initiatives.

His main function is to ensure the collegiality of the choices of the Board of Directors and the verification of the implementation of the decisions taken.
He is responsible for relations with the Clubs, seeks alliances and collaboration with other public and private organizations ahead of purposes similar to those of the Foundation.

In the absence of the Secretary appointed by the Board of Director, the President nominates the Assembly Secretary. In addition to the Congress and the Assembly of Members, the President can use modern telematic means of communication to communicate with members.

The Vice President is elected during the Assembly of Members. He replaces the President in case of his absence or impediment. He remains in office for two years (not renewable immediately), takes office on 1 July of the year in which he is elected and remains in office until 30 June, two years following his election. He is responsible for relations with the Clubs.

At the end of their term of office, the President and/or the Vice President shall remain in office until the new officers are elected. Nominations for the office of President, Vice President and Board of Directors must be sent to the President electronically and on the occasion of the end of the two-year term of office not earlier than 60 days and within 30 days from the date of the relevant Congress.

Members must report a specific declaration that they have all the requirements for the office for which the members are applying and remain in office until their respective successors are elected. The President and/or Vice President elected or co-opted in substitution of the one who is missing for any reason, remains in office as his predecessor should have remained there.

The Board of Directors is elected within the Member Clubs’ Meeting. The individual directors will collaborate in the work of the Board of Directors. They will have the responsibility of direct relations with the member clubs established in the area of their competence (Abroad, Upper Italy, Central Italy, Southern Italy and Islands). After mapping the potential, they will search their territory for membership of new clubs to which they will provide the necessary assistance for the application for membership.

Directors remain in office for only two years not renewable immediately. They take office on 1 July of the year in which they are elected and ceases their posts on 30 June two years following their election.

Requirements to hold the office of President, Vice President, Directors:

Be referral or have been a referral for at least three years, without interruption of continuity of their parent Member Lions Club.

Have participated in at least three Congresses of the International Foundation of Lions Walled Cities.

Have held the position of President of the Lions Member Club for an entire Lionistic year.

Have a Lionistic seniority of at least three years in the member’s Lions Club.

Directors: The Director had been a member of an FICML club for at least three years, had been a contact person or is a contact person in charge of the club to which the Director belongs for at least three years. Have participated in at least three FICML international congresses.

Secretary: The Secretary collaborates with the President, the Vice President and the Directors, draws up and keeps the minutes of the meetings and the Boards of Directors, carries out tasks that can be assigned by the Board of Directors.

Requirements to hold the office of Secretary are to be a referent or of having been for at least two years, without interruption of continuity, of the Member Lions Club, have participated in at least two Congresses of the International Foundation of the Walled Cities Lions, have a Lionistic seniority of at least one year in the Member Lions Club, belong to a Member Club with a seniority of registration to the Foundation of at least three years.

The candidacy for the office of President, Vice President and Board of Directors must be sent to the President electronically and on the occasion of the end of the two-year term not earlier than 60 days and within 30 days from the date of the next Congress.

They must report a specific declaration that they have all the requirements for the office for which the members are applying. A short Lionistic and professional curriculum is required. In the absence of candidates for the office of President, Vice President and director, the nominations will be presented at the meeting.

Modality of the election to the posts of the CML – The offices planned from this statute will be renewed in the manner referred to in the previous Article 9.

Article 12: International Congress

The International Congress is held annually and preferably in rotation, in the cities, countries or in the territory of competence of the respective Clubs, Founding Members, Ordinaries or Friends of the Walls, subject to express candidacy proposed at previous Congresses and approved by the Assembly.

The Congress must preferably be held between the months of March and April of the year following that of the previous congress, subject to a derogation approved by the Board of Directors following events that may emerge after the date identified for the assembly.

The candidacy for the organization of a Congress can be made by a club that has at least one year membership in the group and can organize the Congress only after three years from its registration. This clause is waived only if there are no applications from Clubs having the requirement of the purposes (Art.3) and the activities (Art.4) provided for by the statute.

Every year, the Congress takes on a theme to be carried out, related to the walled cities or any other topic of content connected to the same and of interest for all the participating Clubs.

Priority will be given to the issues indicated in Article 3 (Aims) and 4 (Activities) of the present Statute. This theme will be agreed with the President or Vice President of the Club or the organizing Club(s), They may invite to the Congress, qualified personalities for the development of the proposed theme.

If, as a result of contingencies or difficulties of any kind, a Club should renounce, after having proposed the organization of the Congress, it must promptly notify the President in order to allow him to choose the availability of one of the Clubs, willing to organize it.

The organizing club assumes the secretarial work before and during the Congress, the logistical organization and economic support remain at the expense of the participants, although it is possible to ask the participants for a registration fee to be used exclusively for the utmost success of the Congress. The organizer shall also bear the costs and the annual management of the FICML website.

In addition to the members of the registered Clubs, the Congress may be attended by (a) members of lions and non-member Leo Clubs as observers, (b) sympathizers and / or supporters of the FICML, Trade Associations, Professional Associations, Bodies, public and private institutions and others invited by the Organizers, to make known FICML and its activities. The drafting of the Congress proceedings (although through the registration) is the faculty of the organizing Club, at its own care and expense.

Article 13: Financial Management

Membership of the FICML does not imply any financial commitment, on the part of the participating clubs. The members of the FICML are not obliged to pay contributions of any kind. The eventual collection of funding from members, sponsor sympathizers is always on a voluntary basis never obligatory. Donations are made exclusively with the purposes of Article 3 (Aims) and Art.4 (Activities) provided for by the statute. The projects. the initiatives and the actual timing will be approved by the Board of Directors and the funds raised can be used, depending on their scope, in several Lionistic projects.

Article 14: Final Transitional Provisions

1 – At the member clubs meeting of 2022, in order to favour and give an adequate continuity to the management of the FICML, consequent to a resolution of the Assembly, two of the four members term of office as Board of Directors, will be extended in their mandate for one year. The foreign adviser will be confirmed for one year. The Italian Director will be chosen by drawing lots among the three directors in office.

2 – The Assembly authorizes the Board of Directors to make the necessary changes in the parts indicated in this statute aimed at the Approval of the FICML by the LCI headquarters.
3 – All offices are covered by the election that took place at the XVII Congress in 2021, as per the minutes of the assembly of 18 September 2021.

—————– 0 —————– 0 —————– 0 —————– 0 —————– 0 —————–

On the initiative of Lions Club Lucca Walls Presidency of Lion Franco Ghio 2003/2004) the 1st Congress of Lions Clubs whose members live and work in a city still surrounded by ancient walls was held in Lucca from 18 to 19 June 2004.

The participating clubs who joined the initiative were:

1 – L.C. Le Mura Lucca – Italy (partner promoter / founder)
2 – L.C. Avignon – France (founding member)
3 – Club de Leones de Avila – Spain (founding member)
4 – L.C. La Cité, Carcassonne France (founding member)
5 – L.C. Terre d’Aude Carcassonne – France (founding member)
6 – L.C. Mdina – Rep. of Malta (founding member)
7 – L.C. San Marino – Rep: of San Marino (founding member)

The participating Clubs decided to set up the International Association of Lions Club established in a city “surrounded by ancient walls”. The Clubs appointed Lion Franco Ghio as President giving a mandate to prepare a formal constitutional act. Clubs participating in the 2nd International Congress held in Carcassonne on 11 and 12 June 2005 finally approved the act.

Meanwhile the following Clubs joined the Association:

8- L.C. Viterbo – Italia
9- L.C. Gerusalemme Host – Israele
10- L.C. Gerusalemme – Israele
11- L.C. Tarquinia – Italia
12- L.C. Saint Malo – Francia
13- L.C. Namur Vauban – Belgio
14- L.C. Brugges – Belgio
15- L.C. Marostica – Italia
16- L.C. Sabbioneta – Italia
17- L.C. Montagnana Este – Italia
18- L.C. Gubbio Host – Italia
19- L.C. Bergamo le Mura – Italia
20- L.C. Cartagena Crespo – Colombia
21- L.C. Cartagena Monarca – Colombia
22- L.C. Dubrovnich – Croazia
23- L.C. Ohrid Desareti – Macedonia
24- L.C. Veliko Tarnovo – Bulgaria
25- L.C. Norcia Valnerina – Italia
26- L.C. Capua Casa Hirta- Italia
27- L.C. Cittadella – Italia
28- L.C. Piacenza – Italia
29- L.C. Como Plinio il Giovane – Italia
30- L.C. Ferrara Host – Italia
31- L.C. Urbino – Italia
32- L.C. Grosseto Host – Italia
33- L.C. Todi – Italia
34- L.C. Gallipoli – Italia
35- L.C. Gradisca d’Isonzo – Italia
36- L.C. Treviso Eleonora Duse – Italia
37- L.C. Susegana Castello di Collalto – Italia
38 – L.C. Alghero (Italia)
39 – L.C. Bassano HOST (Italia)
40 – L.C. La VALLETTA – Malta
41 – L.C. Soncino (Italia)
42 – L.C. San Bonifacio Soave (Italia)
43 – L.C. Pizzighettone (Italia)
44 – L.C. Vicenza PALLADIO (Italia)
45 – L.C. Lecce SANTA CROCE – ACAYA (Italia)
46 – L.C. Re Teodorico – VERONA (Italia)
47 – L.C. Vicenza HOST (Italia)
48 – L.C. Vicenza La Totonda (Italia)
49 – L.C. Asolo Pedemontana Del Grappa (Italia)
50 – L.C. Faenza HOST (Italia)
51 – L.C. Nardò’ (Italia)
52 – L.C. Cervignano – Palmanova (Italia)
53 – L.C. Venzone (Italia)
54 – L.C. DENARIUS SKOPJE – Macedonia
55 – L.C. Osimo (Italia)
56 – L.C. Volterra (Italia)
58 – L.C. Sansepolcro (Italia))
59 – L.C. ROTHERHAM (Inghilterra)
60 – L.C. Abenga-Valle Del Lerrone-Garlenda (Savona – Italia)
61 – L.C. Jesce Matera-Altamura-Santeramo (Bari – Italia)
62 – L.C. Albenga HOST (Italia)
64 – L.C. SKOPJE ST. PANTELEMON (Macedonia)
67 – L.C. OHRID HOST (Macedonia)
68 – L.C. OHRID DENICA (Macedonia)
69 – L.C. Bassano Jacopo Da Ponte (Italia)
70 – L.C. Bergamo HOST (Italia)
71 – L.C. Bari (Italia)
72 – L.C. Castelfranco Veneto – TV (Italia)
73 – L.C. di Montefiascone “Falisco-Vulsineo” – VT (Italia)
74 – L.C. Termoli Host – CB (Italia)
75 – L.C. di Briancon (Francia)
76 – L.C. Bergamo Colleoni BG (Italia)
77 – L.C. Cividale – Manzano (Italia) – Socio “Amico delle Mura”
78 – L.C. Bergamo San Marco BG (Italia)
79 – L.C. Bisceglie (Italia)
80 – L.C. Manduria (Italia)
81 – L.C. Finale Ligure (Italia)
82 – L.C. Perugia Concordia (Italia)
83 – L.C. Montone Aries, (Italia)
84 – L.C. Ventimiglia (Italia)
85 – L.C. Matelica (Italia)
86 – L.C. Colli Euganei Dogi Contarini (Italia)
87 – L.C. Pompei Host (Italia)
88 – L.C. Cagaloglu Iki (Istanbul – Turchia)
89 – L.C. Prato Datini (Italia)
90 – L.C. Certaldo Boccaccio (Italia)
91 – L.C. Lions Club Ostuni Città Bianca (Ostuni – Italia)
92 – L.C. Lions Club Orvieto (Terni – Italia)
93 – L.C. Lions Club Serravalle Pistoiese (Pistoia – Italia)
94 – L.C. Lions Club Loano Doria (Savona – Italia)
95 – Lions Club Narni (Terni – Italia)
96 – Lions Club Asti Host (Asti – Italia) – Socio “Amico delle Mura”
97 – Lions Club Aosta Host (Aosta – Italia)
98 – Lions Club Treviso Europa (Treviso – Italia)
99 – Lions Club Rovereto San Marco (Rovereto – Trento – Italia)
100 – Lions Clube De Lisboa Mater (Host Club) (Lisbona – Portogallo)
101 – Lions Club Ostuni Host (Ostuni – Brindisi – Italia)
102 – Lions Club Roma Urbe (Roma – Italia)
103 – Lions Club Friesach Burgenstad (Austria)
104 – Lions Club Benevento Host (Benevento – Italia)
105 – Lions Club Magusa Kale (Famagusta – Cipro Nord)
106 – Lions Club Udine Duomo (Udine – Italia)
107 – Lions Club Rieti Host (Rieti – Italia)
108 – Lions Club Rimini Riccione Host (Rimini – Italia) – Socio “Amico delle Mura”
109 – Lions Club Recanati Loreto Host (Macerata/Ancona – Italia)
110 – Lions Club Castiglione della Pescaia Salebrum (Grosseto – Italia) – Socio “Amico delle Mura”
111 – Lions Club Isola d’Elba (Livorno – Italia)
112 – Lions Club Girne Ozgurada (Girne – Kirenia – Cipro del Nord)
113 – Lions Club L’Aquila Host (L’Aquila – Italia)
114 – Lions Club Girne Ada (Girne – Kyrenia – Cipro del Nord)
115 – Lions Club Magusa Mesarya (Famagusta – Cipro del Nord)
116 – Lions Club Montemurlo (Montemurlo – Prato – Italia) – Socio “Amico delle Mura”
117 – Lions Club Gela Host (Gela – Caltanissetta – Italia) – Socio “Amico delle Mura”
118 – Lions Club Sciacca Terme (Sciacca – Agrigento – Italia)
119 – Lions Club Firenze Palazzo Vecchio (Firenze – Italia) – Socio “Amico delle Mura”
120 – Lions Club Firenze Cosimo Dè Medici (Firenze – Italia) – Socio “Amico delle Mura”
121 – Lions Club Macerata Host (Macerata – Italia)
122 – Lions Club Ferrara Estense (Ferrara – Italia)
123 – Lions Club Garfagnana (Castelnuovo di Garfagnana – Castiglione di Garfagnana – Lucca – Italia)
124 – Lions Club Foligno (Foligno – Perugia – Italia)
125 – Lions Club Pietrasanta Versilia Storica (Pietrasanta – Lucca – Italia) – Socio “Amico delle Mura”
126 – Lions Club Barberino Montelibertas (Barberino Val D’Elsa – Firenze – Italia)
127 – Lions Club satellite Milano Cascina Triulza (Milano – Italia) – Socio “Amico delle Mura”
128 – Lions Club Milano Host (Milano – Italia) – Socio “Amico delle Mura”
129 – Lions Club Cervia Ad Novas (Cervia – Ravenna – Italia)
130 – Lions Club Firenze Michelangelo (Firenze – Italia) – Socio “Amico delle Mura”
131 – Lions Club Pistoia (Pistoia – Italia)
132 – Lions Club Sciacca Host (Sciacca – Agrigento – Italia)
133 – Lions Club Barcelona Gaudì (Barcellona – Spagna)
134 – Lions Club Girne Vatan (Girne – Kyrenia – Cipro del Nord)
135 – Lions Club Bologna Colli A. Murri (Bologna – Italia) – Socio “Amico delle Mura”
136 – Lions Club Lefkosa Sarayonu (Lefkosa – Nicosia – Cipro del Nord)
137 – Lions Club Udine Lionello (Udine – Italia) – Socio “Amico delle Mura”
138 – Lions Club Grosseto Aldobrandeschi (Grosseto – Italia)
139 – Lions Club Dinan (Francia)
140 – Lions Club Siracusa Host (Siracusa – Italia) – Socio “Amico delle Mura”
141 – Lions Club Melfi (Potenza – Italia)
142 – Lions Club Lefkosa Baskent (Lefkosa – Nicosia – Cipro del Nord)
143 – Lions Club Tirana Elite (Tirana – Albania)
144 – Lions Club Iskele Sahil (Iskele – Trikomo – Rep. Cipro del Nord) – Friend of the Walls – Socio Amico delle Mura
145 – Lions Club Roma New Century (Roma – Italia)
146 – Lions Club Thessaloniki White Tower (Tessaloniki – Salonicco – Grecia)
147 – Lions Club Orbetello I Presidi (Orbetello – Grosseto – Italia)
148 – Lions Club Girne Akdeniz (Girne – Kyrenia– Cipro del Nord)
149 – Lions Club Montecatini Terme (Montecatini Terme – Pistoia – Italia) – Socio “Amico delle Mura”
150 – Lions Club Sfax Thyna (Sfax – Tunisia)
151 – Lions Club Cagliari Castello (Cagliari – Italia)
152 – Lions Club Thessaloniki Macedonia (Tessaloniki – Salonicco – Grecia)
153 – Lions Club Hong Kong IFC – (Hong Kong – China) – Friend of the Walls – Socio Amico delle Mura
154 – Lions Club Mantova Andrea Mantegna – (Mantova – Italia) – Socio “Amico delle Mura”
155 – Lions Club Thessaloniki Olympias (Tessaloniki – Salonicco – Grecia)
156 – Lions Club St. Paul’s Bay – Malta (Repubblica di Malta)
157 – Lions Club Udine Agorà (Udine – Italia) – Socio “Amico delle Mura”
158 – Lions Club Beijing Guanghua – (Beijing – China) (Pechino – Cina)
159 – Lions Club Riona Sankt-Petersburg – (San Pietroburgo – Russia) – Friend of the Walls – Socio Amico delle Mura
160 – Lions Club 4Family Timisoara – (Timisoara – Romania) – Friend of the Walls – Socio Amico delle Mura
161 – Lions Club Pescia (Pescia – Pistoia – Italia) – Socio Amico delle Mura
162 – Lions Club Rieti Varrone (Rieti – Italia)
163 – Lions Club Catania Host – Socio Amico delle Mura
164 – Lions Club Gabicce Mare con sede a Gradara (Gabicce Mare – Gradara – PU – Italia)
165 – Lions Club Spoleto (Spoleto – Perugia – Italia)
166 – Lions Club Pisa Host (Pisa – Italia)
167 – Lions Club Gaeta (Gaeta – Latina – Italia)
168 – Lions Club Koper – Capodistria (Koper – Capodistria – Slovenia) – Socio Amico delle Mura
169 – Lions Club Gemona Celti (Gemona del Friuli – Udine – Italia) – “Socio Amico delle Mura”
170 – Lions Club Udine Host (Udine – Italia) – “Socio Amico delle Mura”
171 – Lions Club Roma Ara Pacis (Roma – Italia)
172 – Lions Club Udine Castello (Udine – Italia) – Socio Amico delle Mura
173 – Lions Club Roma Parioli (Roma – Italia)
174 – Lions Club Empoli Ferruccio Busoni (Empoli – FI – Italia)
175 – Lions Club Cortona Valdichiana Host (Cortona – AR – Italia)
176 – Lions Club San Gimignano Via Francigena (San Gimignano- SI – Italia)
177 – Lions Club Lefkosa Merkez (Lefkosa – Nicosia – Rep. Cipro del Nord)
178 – Lions Club Ronciglione Sutri Monti Cimini (Viterbo – Italia) – Socio Amico delle Mura
179 – Lions Club Sacile (Sacile – Pordenone – Italia) – Socio Amico delle Mura
180 – Lions Club Siena (Italia)
181 – Lions Club Bologna San Petronio (Bologna – Italia) – Socio Amico delle Mura
182 – Lions Club Benevento Arco Traiano (Benevento – Italia)
183 – Lions Club Le Signe (Signa – Lastra a Signa – Firenze – Italia)
184 – Lions Club Empoli (Empoli – Firenze – Italia)
185 – Lions Club Poggio a Caiano Carmignano Medicei con sede in Artimino – Carmignano (Carmignano – Prato – Italia) – “Socio Amico delle Mura”
186 – Lions Club Arezzo Mecenate (Arezzo – Italia) – “Socio Amico delle Mura”
187 – Lions Club Saluzzo-Savigliano (Cuneo – Italia)
188 – Lions Club Roma Augustus (Roma – Italia)
189 – Lions Club Firenze Impruneta San Casciano (San Casciano Val di Pesa – FI – Italia)
190 – Lions Club Fossano e Provincia Granda (Fossano – Cuneo – Italia) – “Socio Amico delle Mura”
191 – Lions Club Sanremo Host (Sanremo – Imperia – Italia) – Socio Amico delle Mura
192 – Lions Club Sanremo Matutia (Sanremo – Imperia – Italia) – Socio Amico delle Mura
193 – Lions Club Chianti con sede in Castellina in Chianti – Moteriggioni – Radda in Chianti – Gaiole in Chianti (Siena – Italia)
194 – Lions Club Arma e Taggia (Taggia – Imperia – Italia) – Socio Amico delle Mura
195 – Lions Club Barge Bagnolo Piemonte e Cavour (Barge – Cuneo – Italia) – Socio Amico delle Mura
196 – Lions Club Mondovì Monregalese (Mondovì – Cuneo – Italia) – Socio Amico delle Mura
197 – Lions Club Civitanova Marche Cluana (Civitanova Marche – Macerata – Italia)
198 – Lions Club Crotone Host (Crotone – Italia)
199 – Lions Club Carate Brianza Cavalieri (Carate Brianza – Monza e Brianza – Italia) – Socio Amico delle Mura
200 – Lions Club Napoli Partenope – Palazzo Reale (Napoli – Italia) – Socio Amico delle Mura
201 – Lions Club Chiusi (Chiusi – Siena – Italia) – Socio Amico delle Mura
202 – Lions Club Antibes Juan Les Pins (Antibes – Francia) – Socio Amico delle Mura
203 – Lions Club Massa Carrara Apuania (Massa-Carrara – Italia)
204 – Lions Club Città di Castello Tiferno (Città di Castello – Perugia – Italia)
205 – Lions Club Cortona Corito Clanis (Cortona – Arezzo – Italia)
206 – Lions Club Massa Cozzile VALDINIEVOLE (Massa e Cozzile – Pistoia – Italia)
207 – Lions Club Gorizia Host (Gorizia – Italia)
208 – Lions Club Lucignano e Val D’Esse (Arezzo – Italia)
209 – Lions Club Noale (Noale Città Metropolitana di Venezia – Italia)
210 – Lions Club Savona Priamar (Savona – Italia) – Socio Amico delle Mura
211 – Lions Club Beaulieu Villefranche sur Mer (Villefranche – Francia)
212 – Lions Club Campobasso (Italia) – Socio Amico delle Mura
213 – Lions Club Bordighera Capo Nero Host – Socio Amico delle Mura
214 – Lions Club Monaco (Principato di Monaco)
215 – Lions Club Famagusta Ravelin (Magusa)
216 – Lions Club Monfalcone (Gorizia) – Amico delle Mura
217 – Lions Club Gela A.T.C. (Caltanissetta) – “Amico delle Mura”
218 – Lions Club Milano Parco Nord – “Amico delle Mura”
219 – Lions Club Cagliari Saint Remy- “Amico delle Mura”
220 – Lions Club Sharjah Al Hisn Fort – “Amico delle Mura”
221 – Lions Club Cherasco (CN) – “Amico delle Mura”
222 – Lions Club Concordia Sagittaria (VE)
223 – Lions Club Bari Gioacchino Murat
224 – Lions Club Provins en Seine
225 – Lions Club Bari San Nicola
226 – Lions Club Caltanissetta dei Castelli
227 – Lions Club Mentone
228 – Lions Club Treviso Host
229 – Lions Club Bari Città Metropolitana O.d.V.

230 – L.C. Manfredonia Host

231 – L.C. Manfredonia Sipontum- “Amico delle Mura”

232 – L.C. Gorizia Maria Theresia

233 – L.C. Mesagne

234 – L.C. Copertino Salento “Pino Cordelia”

235 – L.C. Bitonto

236 – L.C. Lecce Messapia

237 – L.C. Gioia del Colle- “Amico delle Mura”

238 – L.C. Monopoli

239 –  L.C. Barletta Host