Dr. Giacomo Beorchia- born in Lauco – Udine – (Italy), 25th July 1953;
resident there at 91, Via Trava.
-Married to Ada Bellina.
-Graduated in Political Science – Economics, at the University of Padova with top marks – 21st February 1978.

-manager of the Venzone Council Office for the Post-Earthquake Reconstruction – Venzone (Ud) – Italy – after the earthquake in Friuli
in 1976;
-marketing and communications director in a company of large-scale logistics;
– company marketing consultant for the logistics sector and agricultural and food production.

1) Lions Club Venzone via Julia Augusta (Udine ) – Italy – Founded 22.11.2005 – Charter 25.03.2006;
2) Multi-District 108 (Italy) – District Ta2 – Territory n° 2 – Zone E;
3) Entrance into AICMLC – 2010/2011;
4) Venzone: Borgo dei Borghi Più Belli d’Italia 2017 – The Most
Beautiful Village of Italy 2017.

Lions Membership: since 1st March 2007;
Lions Recognition: conferred MJF in 2012/13;
Lions positions held in District 108 Ta2
-Member of Governor’s Cabinet: in 2018/19, 19/20, 20/21, 21/22;
-(DO) President of the District Committee of Walled Cities:
in the years 2013/14, 14/15, 15/16, 16/17, 17/18, 18/19, 19/20, 20/21,
-(ZC) President of Zone E: in 2017/18;
Lions positions held in the Venzone Club Venzone, via Julia Augusta
– Representative of the Club in the “International Association of Walled Cities Lions Club”: in 2010/11, 11/12,
12/13, 13/14, 14/15, 15/16, 16/17, 17/18, 18/19, 19/20, 20/21, 21/22;
-(P) President of the Club: in 2011/12, 16/17, 19/20;
-(T) Treasurer of the Club: in 2018/19, 19/20, 20/21, 21/22;
– Communications Manager of the Club: in 2015/16, 16/17, 17/18, 18/19, 19/20, 20/21, 21/22;
-LCIF Coordinator: in 2020/21, 21/22.

Activities done with the collaboration of the following Clubs of the District 108 Ta2: Gorizia Host, Gemona del Friuli, Cividale del Friuli/Manzano, Udine Duomo, Udine Agorà, Udine Castello, Udine Host, Udine Lionello, Sacile, Castelfranco Veneto, Asolo Pedemontana del Grappa, Susegana Castello di Collalto, Palmanova/Aquileia, e di Noale (Ta3), Friesach (Austria) e Capodistria/
Koper (Sloveni).

The interesting work done for the 108 Ta2 District over the past few years has seen our Association placed in an important position.The foundation of the District Committee for Walled Cities and its structural formation, with a president (Giacomo Beorchia), a vice-president/secretary (Paolo Villicich) and a representative for each of the three Areas (Simonetta Benetollo, Muro Galliani, Antonino Placereani).
A study done on the potentiality of this action has brought 13 new Clubs belonging to the 108 District – Ta2 and Ta3, Austria, France and Capodistria to enrol in our organisation. The representatives of the District Clubs have met at least 5-6 times each year to plan the activities to be done in the territory, also in on-line meetings in the past year.

This way of operating has led to about ten different events such as conferences, meetings and conventions involving many Club members from numerous groups belonging to the Association, several secondary schools with about 300 student and, experts from the sectors of finance, university and education.

The “editorial” activity has produced the publication of the book entitled “La Cittadella Murata di VENZONE” (The Walled City of Venzone) by Ada Bellina; the publication of the acts of the First International Meeting of “THE WALLED CITIES: history, management, re-evaluation, development” and the collaboration for the writing of the book “VENZONE REBORN” edited by Aviani & Aviani. The publication and dissemination of “THE CHARTER FOR VENZONE”, which aims to stimulate institutions and private citizens to safeguard and cherish our walled towns and cities, has also been extremely interesting. The exhibitions organised by, or involving, the Venzone Club have seen many visitors.
A number of university students have participated in a specialised competition and worked on the walls of Venzone, creating interesting uses of the citadel walls; three of the best works were given prizes.

There have been more than ten specific presentations concerning our Association; a particularly important one was the one that featured the Austrian parliamentarian Josef mayor of the medieval town of Gmund – the artistic town which hosts the Porche museum.
Other presentations have been given to the European Walled Towns Association and to several Clubs which then joined the Association.

There have been five conventions undersigned with the following:
IUAV – Ca Foscari University, Venice, Architecture Faculty; Udine University – Architecture Faculty; ISIS Magrini/Marchetti – Science High School in Gemona del Friuli for collaboration projects; UNESCO – Udine Club – for the recognition of training credits for participants in our conventions and workshops; the
Venzone Town Authority which asked the Club to promote Venzone on the UNESCO site.

As part of the projects, work has been started on the creation of “A Multimedia Guide to the Monuments of the Walled City of Venzone” and a programme for tourist tours of the Walled Cities of the 108 Ta2 District by Alessandra Casgnola and Chiara Bettuzzi. For the Clubs of our District, we have collaborated in the Ghio-Guerra-Squarciafichi Project for the second edition of the book about
Walled Cities Lions Club. In April 2018, the renovation of the “PIO ISTITUTO ELEMOSINIERE” (the Venzone Care Home) garden was completed and inaugurated with important work done on the walls with a project planned by the Venzone Club.

The inspiration for the development of the touristic activity came from meetings in Venzone when we were hosts to about ten delegates from other Italian and foreign Clubs, international Directors and different groups of students on placements, the AICMLC Presidents Diego Morlin and Giuseppe Guerra and District events; I have personally visited over 60 of the Walled Cities that are present in the Association.

The “communication sector” has not been ignored, in that we have been guest speakers on many local forms of media, from newspapers to the radio, from local television outlets to regional television, and also our Info Ta2, who interviewed us and who publicised our activities.

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