10° International Congress of Walled Towns – Ferrara 2013


Dear Lions Friends,

from 6th to 9th June the 10th Lions International Congress of Walled Towns will take place in Ferrara. Marostica, li 11.03.2013
Il Presidente, Diego Morlin It is useless to repeat how important this congress is. It is the evidence of our wish to preserve our beautiful walled towns in the best condition for our descendants.
Our Friends of Ferrara, among many difficulties, are making great efforts to organize this Congress that will be held in the name of simplicity, focusing on highlighting the true Lions values: friendship, helpfulness, expressed through the creation of intelligent and targeted projects
(Ref: Ag CTV – tel. +39 0532 202347).
We invite you to take part and give your active contribution to the conference theme:”The integrated system of walls for a policy of sustainable development of cities”.

“The walls of the historic city long remained a problem niche relegated to sporadic actions of partial restoration For their citizens, they are “sleeping beauties” that represent the past, but that often interfere and are an obstacle to public and private initiatives.

Actually the walls were not just curtain walls, but a formidable “system” made up of embankments and internal moats (intervallo) walls. bastions, ramparts, external moats (extravallo) …. So as a “system” they are a much larger and complex heritage, and not only as a monument but also as a social and economic resource. In the city this current system is the link between the historic town and the new town and it is important because of its action of integration.

We have to rethink their inclusion in the planning and the overall planning of urban land, for an “awakening” of their role for the community, for the exaltation of their economic impact, including the prospects for their tourist promotion.

What the Congress of Ferrara aims to propose is then the study and observation of experiences in different cities and territories belonging to the associated clubs and the presentation of emblematic cases ”

Beside this we recall the intention of preparing the acts of Congress.
I remain at your disposal for anything and I offer you a warm embrace.

Marostica, 03/11/2013
The President, Diego Morlin