PRESS RELEASE congress San Marino 2021


In San Marino change at the top of the Association of Walled Cities Lions Club: Giacomo BEORCHIA – of the Venzone Club via Julia Augusta – elected vice PRESIDENT of the International.
After the postponement of the 2020 congress due to the well-known health emergency, the congress of the International Association of Walled Cities Lions Club was held in the Republic of San Marino on 17-18-19 September.
After some changes to the statute to make it coherent and functional to the needs of a large and modern organization, the delegates present at the Congress discussed the perspectives to be given to the Association in the coming years.
To this end, two macro-areas have been identified: one referring to the Italian clubs and one to the non-Italian clubs whose elected and different leaders every two years will alternate as presidency.
As part of this approach, Giacomo Beorchia of the Venzone Club has assumed the position of vice-president for the two-year period 2021-2023 with a program aimed at expanding and qualitatively strengthening the presence of Italian clubs in their respective territories. And following the approach of Lions International, Beorchia will be the president of the Association from 1 July 2023.
Mary Anne Abela – Republic of Malta – is the president for the two-year period 2021-2023 and the past President Giuseppe Guerra (center) has been proclaimed – for his merits – honorary president.

The Association currently groups 213 clubs located in 23 countries around the world and on four continents. These are based in the city surrounded by walls and have the purpose of enhancing the history of the places, the conservation, maintenance and enhancement of the walls and the search for suitable solutions to better live within spaces designed several centuries ago. One of the main purposes is to encourage tourism through the member cities because they represent an interesting network also for their economic development.
155 are the clubs of our Multi District present in the Association of which 15 in District 108 Ta2 (3 in Veneto and 12 in Friuli V.G). There are contacts in place to expand membership. In addition to the various initiatives that will be implemented, one of the ideas is to collaborate with public institutions and private and voluntary organizations in order to create and activate a network of Walled City Lions Clubs.
Giacomo BEORCHIA – deputy CHAIRMAN
International Association of Walled Cities Lions Club