Save the Date – XVII International Congress of the Lions Walled Cities – San Marino 4th – 6th June 2021

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Dear friends Lions,
We are very pleased to inform you that the XVII International Congress of the Lions Walled Towns will take place in San Marino from 4th to 6th June 2021.
The Republic of San Marino offers the winning combination of breathtaking views and rich cultural heritage. Over one thousand and seven hundred years of independence and freedom between history and legend characterize the oldest republic in the world, a strip of land perched on Mount Titano in the heart of the Italian peninsula.
Popes, generals and even emperor Napoleon respected the testimony of freedom of this land which is today a full member of the United Nations and the Council of Europe. San Marino’s historical peculiarity is evident in its ancient institutions, unique in the world, starting from the two Captains Regent, who were first appointed in 1243, but still institutionally Heads of State today, elected every six months.
San Marino, Borgo Maggiore and Mount Titano (750 metres above sea level), have been inscribed on the Unesco World Heritage list.
San Marino historical centre winds along the upper part of the mountain and is surrounded by mighty medieval walls. The three towers on the top of Mount Titano draw the best known image of San Marino.
The Public or Government Palace, in Piazza della Libertà (on Liberty square) is the heart of the institutional life of the country, where the Great and General Council, San Marino’s parliament meets and where we will be received in audience by Their Excellencies the Captains Regent on Sunday morning.
In this dreamlike scenery there are also hundreds of shops where you can go shopping and restaurants where you can taste the local food and wine delicacies.

The members of the Lions Club Republic of San Marino Undistricted are enthusiastically waiting for you!

Conrad Mularoni
Organizing Comittee

Federica Bianchi
Lions Club San Marino

Giuseppe Guerra
Int. Ass. Lions Walled Cities

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